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Why New Eugenics Is Humanity’s Only Way Forward

The word “eugenics” conjures up horrible acts of extermination, poor excuses of “scientific racism”, and ethnic pogroms.

No wonder the simple mention of the word makes people recoil in horror.
And it’s good people who recoil in horror.
We stand with them.

However, we contend here, that “gut reaction” may be misplaced when applied to any genetic engineering -including “new eugenics”-.

It may stand in the way of progress that is good for all.
And may even stand in the way of humanity’s survival.

Let’s see:

“Natural” Evolution IS Eugenics…

Biological evolution IS eugenics.

Evolution constantly experiments with genetic mutation.
And how does it do?

It weeds out the “non-fit enough”.
And breeds more of “fit enough (to survive and reproduce)”.

Humanity is a long history of eugenics.
You are a result of “natural eugenics”.

Evolution never stopped eugenick-ing.
And it will never stop.
In that sense, it’s not about “new eugenics or not”, it’s about whether we control that process, or randomness keeps running its eugenics program”.

Some fail to realize it because evolution moves slowly and without stated goals.
And because it’s the “natural” state of affairs.

As per the good old naturalistic fallacy, people mistake “natural” with “good”.

Or, at least, “not as bad” as if humans took control of it -ie. “non-natural”, so “bad”-.

Evolution Is A MEAN Eugenicist

To quip a popular alt-right saying:

Evolution doesn’t care about your feelings (and pain)

Lucio Buffalmano

It discards the “less fit” and the bad experiments without a care in the world for their anguish and pain.

Comically, evolution also couldn’t care less about the well-being of the fittest of the fittest.
It only cares they survive long enough to reproduce.

If they do so while in endless physical pain and mental anguish… Their problem.

As a matter of fact, evolution may prefer pain as a motivator as it’s often stronger than pleasure.

Genetic Engineering Is The Only Approach To Solve Human Suffering

OK, not the only valid approach.

Advanced medicine will also help.

But genetic engineering is an important tool to move humanity forward.
Including eradicating suffering.

The counter-argument BS: no pain no gain

A common trope is that “pain makes you stronger”.

Or all the similar mottos such as “hard times make strong men” and “no pain, no gain”.

In many ways, that’s true.
We embrace that type of good pain and even recommend some of that in TPM.

But 1., not all types of pain are good.
And 2, it’s funny that only successful people say that.

Such as, it’s only the people who went past their pain who say that.
They went past their pain to enjoy their success -NOT their pain-.
Easy to pontificate under those terms, no?

As a matter of fact, I sometimes find it an annoying, insensitive power move toward the “success have-nots”.

Of course, it’s not just the winners who say that.
Sometimes it’s virtue signalers who covertly brag about their past pains (ie. “look how strong I am to move past that” and “admire me for my resourcefulness”).
When talking up their pain they’re not increasing their pain. They’re maximizing their pleasure.

Go tell that “no pain no gain” bullshit to the people who never get to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


  • Say that to thousands of men and women who commit suicide

And spare a thought to how much they must have suffered before even taking that step.

Say that to their family and loved ones.

And to the people who had to handle their lifeless bodies and break the news to their families.

  • Say that to victims of psychopathic crime, or sadistic torture

And this is why I included “new eugenics” in this article.

In this case, removing sadistic genes from the human’s gene pool would qualify as “eugenics”.

And… ?
That would add value to everyone, remove pain, and increase well-being for all.

This is why, I believe, a more intelligent approach to this topic is necessary.
Don’t allow past eugenic sadists to stop you from stopping new sadists.

Genetic engineering may one day decide it’s good for the world to increase empathy.
Or IQ. Or whatever may serve the well being of all.

  • Say it to the mother of deformed and genetically “doomed for early death” children

Luckily, there is already something that’s being done in this area.

But retrogrades worldwide are still trying to prevent this most basic adoption.

In the end, all of these could be fixed one day with genetic engineering.

Genes that make people less likely to be psychopathic sadists, grow depressed and suicidal or, obviously, victims of preventable genetic diseases.

Those dumb “naturalists” who seek to stop genetic research progress and application carry much human suffering on their conscience.

What Got Us Here Won’t Take There: Evolution Sucks With Specific, Time-Sensitive Goals

Let’s now move to humanity’s survival.

Evolution stands in the way of maximum thriving.
But also falls short of maximizing our odds of surviving.

In general, there seems to be a common myth among many.
And it’s the myth that evolution is very effective.

Evolution has been “effective” only because it had:

  • Semi-perfect environment to support life, with endless approaches that would work (as proven by the huge diversity of life on earth)
  • Billions of years to develop life, no need to rush, no timeline to fulfill
  • Billions of species to “play with”
  • Trillions upon trillions of iterations to “throw the genetic dice” once again with every single new generation being a new opportunity

Of course, under those conditions and with the law of large numbers on your side, life was almost bound to adapt and thrive somehow.

But start from a standstill to face a specific, time-sensitive and challenging goal, and evolution sucks.

Under those challenging circumstances, biological evolution is a blind drunkard in a packed bar, throwing darts around hoping to hit the bull’s eye by the night’s end.
Blind, deaf, dumb, ineffective, and completely oblivious to people’s suffering.
Result: countless of horribly injured innocent victims, and barely a hit on target.

See this video for more:

Lucio: evolution is random, and not very effective. It’s even less effective in more complex organisms such as humans

The problem with that is that we have plenty of specific and challenging goals we need to address.
And we may want to achiever sooner, rather than sitting around forever.
For example:

  • Space colonization, which may require:
    • Longer-living humans
    • Developing specific adaptations

You can’t wait for evolution to do that.
Genetic engineering is the only way.

The Ultimate Dream State: A Universe of Bliss, Without Pain

The way I see it, that’s the ultimate end game.

Humanity first, and then all forms of life free of (bad) pain.

Only the “good” pain you can overcome to become stronger will stay.

And only for those who want.
Dickheads who want to push their value on others need not apply.
I’d be one of them who chooses hardship and pain to test himself and grow.
But never one who pushes his choice onto others.

Future humans who wish to enjoy a life of bliss, will be able to do so.

The New Magna Carta: … And Bliss For All

The magna carta of future generations will have this right as its very first item:

Every human is born with the right to be free of physical pain and mental anguish.
And every human is born with the right to happiness, joy, and bliss.

It will be a good time to be a human :).

And “new eugenics” and genetic engineering can help us there.

By Lucio Buffalmano

Lucio Buffalmano is a social scientist, learner, and free spirit of many disparate interests.
While on The Power Moves Lucio follows its mission and focuses on practical issues and individual self-development, he uses this space for unbound, free mental roaming.

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